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Welcome to Wildcat Spanish 2017-2018!  There is so much to share!  Read our FirstNewsletter to find out more about Spanish 2-4 at SCHS!

Welcome back to school!  I want to introduce parents of SCHS Spanish students some exciting new ways that the state and the school district are recognizing students who demonstrate a high level of proficiency in a second language!

Nationally, students are graduating from 4 year high school programs at a level of Novice High (which means they can communicate in simple sentences but may be difficult for native speakers to understand.)  At the novice high level, students often leave the classroom with the idea that they took 4 years of Spanish and can’t say anything.

In order to encourage students to stay in language classes longer and teachers to use the language more in their classroom, the state of IL became the third state in the US to offer the state seal of biliteracy!  The seal is a way for students to show that they are able to use, really use, language in their careers and for personal enjoyment!

At SCHS Spanish, students can be awarded and honored 2 different ways:

For a performance at the Intermediate High level (i5 on the ACTFL AAPPL exam), students will be awarded the State Seal of Biliteracy.

For a performance at the Intermediate Low/Mid level (i1 – i4 on the ACTFL AAPPL exam) students will be awarded the State Commendation toward Biliteracy.

Please consider signing your student up for one (or both) of our proficiency exams.  These honors are wonderful on college applications and resumes!  The job market is wide open for bilinguals today!  (And not just as language teachers although there is a critical shortage in that area as states across the nation begin to offer dual immersion programs beginning in the elementary school.)

Get to know your teacher:

Name- Carrie Toth

Family- Husband Jim, Daughter Aly, Son Nick, Dogs Baron and Boris, Cats Nick Jr. and Gary

Began teaching- 1994

Subjects taught- Spanish 1-4, Biology 1

Hobbies- Social Media, Reading, Traveling, Presenting workshops around the country, Writing novels

Favorite shows- Anything with Gordon Ramsay, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Big Brother, Survivor, and Bates Motel

Favorite music- Los Rakas, Reik, Camila, Switchfoot, Tenth Avenue North, John Legend, Imagine Dragons

Classroom philosophy- We are not here to learn about a language, we are hear to learn to speak a language! How many times do people look back at high school language classes and remember how they learned verb forms but did not learn practical language? In our classroom we speak Spanish! Starting on day 1. Don’t worry, it is all through what we call “comprehensible input!” Comprehensible input is hearing a LOT of Spanish that is easy to comprehend! Just like we all learned to speak English.

There are a lot of resources available for parents interested in what we are doing in the classroom! Watch for a class newsletter on the first day of school and blog posts about what students are up to in Spanish class.

Visit often, your kids are doing great things and I am always so proud to show them off!

To view the August edition of our classroom newsletter, download the PDF here. Also attached is the permission form students should return this week!

Skip that D or F policy in place in SCHS Spanish I-IV.  Check out the rules on this infographic!  Help me keep our students successful in language learning.

No D_F Policy

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